• Illustrator


    Work content
    1. Complete the creation of theme illustrations according to product development requirements;
    2. Apply original illustrations to various products to complete product development;
    3. Complete product development work independently, including certain graphic design content.
    Job requirements
    1. Graduation in arts, painting related majors, college degree or above;
    2. Have great love for painting, and can maintain creative passion; have rich imagination and creative ability, can adapt to the requirements of various painting styles
    Requirements, have the ability to complete the work independently;
    3. Love the trend, with a unique trend perspective, agile creative thinking and solid art skills, sensitive to color
    4. Master the operation of common graphic design software such as graphic design, typesetting and vector software;
    5. Have good understanding, communication skills and teamwork spirit. Communicate and cooperate with the design team to play according to the theme;
    6. Correct working attitude and high sense of responsibility;
    7. Welcome the past graduates to actively submit their resumes.
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  • Graphic Designer


    Work content

    1. Independently complete the company's graphic promotional materials design, including product brochures, graphic posters, packaging and other creative design and production;
    2. Responsible for new media advertising creative and advertising copy creation, assist the team to complete the stage strategy formulation;
    3. Responsible for the visual design of the company's product online and offline promotion activities;
    4. Responsible for the development and design of company stationery products.
    Job requirements
    1. Art and graphic design related majors are preferred, with graphic design and visual design experience;
    2. Have a solid art foundation, good creative consciousness, aesthetic ability and rich imagination ability, a good sense of space;
    3. Have a high passion for design, a keen observation of cutting-edge design, and the pursuit of the highest quality and detail of design works;
    4. Proficient in commonly used drawing software such as Illustrator, Indesign, Photoshop, and familiar with professional knowledge in production and printing;
    5. Have good communication and expression ability and teamwork ability, have a good service mentality, can withstand certain work pressure.
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  • Product manager


    Work content
    1. Responsible for the overall planning of the company's stationery product line (books, pens, bags)
    2. According to the company's brand strategic layout and market demand, plan the product development direction and theme to ensure the market demand of the product;
    3. Formulate product development and design plans, and work schedules for procurement;
    4. Participate in product development and design.
    Job requirements
    1. Have more than 3 years experience in the operation or development of stationery products;
    2. Proficiency in design software;
    3. Management experience in the stationery industry is preferred;
    4. This position requires a product manager in the direction of "book, pen, bag".
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  • Foreign trade clerk


    Work content

    1. Familiar with the operation and maintenance of various foreign trade sales platforms
    2. Responsible for exploring the international paper products and stationery market, understanding and collecting market information, and the situation of competitors in the same industry, developing new customers and
    It establishes business contacts;
    3.Daily maintenance work for customers with foreign relations, including customer inquiries, answers, and other related questions;
    4. Responsible for document review, customs declaration, settlement, after-sales service, etc .;
    Job requirements
    1. Unlimited gender, under 35 years old, bachelor degree or above, international trade and other related majors;
    2. English level 6 or above, fluent in spoken English, proficient business negotiation and negotiation skills;
    3. At least three years of experience in foreign trade business development, foreign trade experience in the stationery industry is preferred;
    4. Work experience in foreign business trips and exhibitions;
    5. Dedicated to work and have strong ability to resist pressure.
    6. Salary structure of this post: basic salary + subsidy + performance commission
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  • Domestic salesman


    Work content

    1. Responsible for the customer development, sales and maintenance of cultural and creative and stationery products, and complete the sales targets set by the company;
    2. Implement sales plans as required and maintain good customer relationships;
    3. Conduct market surveys and collect market information, and make timely market analysis for superior leaders in order to adjust plans and policies in a timely manner;
    4. Those in good condition can directly interview the sales manager
    Job requirements
    1. Unlimited work experience
    2. Require a strong sense of responsibility, willing to endure hardships and stand hard work, be passionate, proactive, honest and credible, and have a team spirit;
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