Hyacinth Culture and Shenzhen Book City's "Dinosaur Age" parent-child manual lesson ended successfully

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On July 17, Yuesheng Culture joined hands with Shenzhen Book City to launch a science-based creative origami handicraft class in the "Dinosaur Age". Children and parents were together in Book City
The center Quyuedao spent a happy time with the teacher, "rising knowledge" and "fun"!

       The activity was divided into two parts: popular science knowledge exchange and handmade origami. Speaking of dinosaurs, the children were very interested, sitting upright, and with a serious face. When asking questions and interacting, the children held up their little hands and couldn't wait to express themselves.


     The parents and the children started to make origami by hand under the leadership of the teacher. Everyone was very serious. This kind of interaction is full of warmth. Parents have improved their relationship with their children. Children have also learned new knowledge and made new friends.

       Children can play freely and add other patterns to the origami painting. I have to say that the children's imagination is really amazing! Take a look at the work you have done. The immature paintbrush depicts an era of dinosaurs belonging to children!