Hyacinth Culture & Shenzhen Book City, teachers and mid-autumn festival double-handed themed manual lessons

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In the autumn of September, both festivals are celebrated. On the coming of Teacher's Day and Mid-Autumn Festival on September 7 (Saturday), Hyacinth Culture co-sponsored a double-section theme manual class with Shenzhen Book City.


   The activity is divided into two lessons: "Handmade Vase for Teacher's Day" and "Jade Rabbit Lanterns for Mid-Autumn Festival". The children and parents worked hand in hand with the teacher to spend an unforgettable parent-child time.


This is a parent-child game. The children and their parents will work together to cooperate with each other.

When I am busy with work, it is a precious time to accompany the children to do crafts together. Parental companionship is more important than anything to the child.

Looking at the smiles on the children's faces, I know how happy they are. I can go back and show my new handicrafts with my friends!